June 13, 2010

Harpeth River Century Ride - Nashville, Tennessee

Saturday I rode the Harpeth River Ride, 100 mile event put on by the Harpeth Bicycle Club and Nissan. The ride started in Franklin, TN which is just south of Nashville. It was a really hot day, with temps way up in the 90's and the course was surprisingly tough. At the 62 mile option cut off I considered cutting my century short, but I talked myself into sticking with my original plan of ridding 100 miles.

This picture is from the start of the ride as we lined up. Three of the Radio Shack team members lead out the ride (Nissan is a co-sponsor of the team). To the left in the picture you can see the long line of 1,500 riders ready to go, and the expo tent area. The venue at Nissan was really great, with an expo area, registration, lunch and lots of parking in the parking garage, which was nice today because it was in the shade on this hot day.

The 100 mile course was surprisingly hilly, over 8,000 feet of climbing, thats more than the 3-State, 3-mountain course. Of the 100 miles, over 50 miles was going up hill, thats amazing to me, I guess I didnt realize that the Nashville area is so hilly.

After riding in the extreme heat for 6 hours and 47 minutes on a tough course it was wonderful to see the tall silver Nissan building on the horizon, a sweet sight! Great job putting the event together, and thanks to the crew at Harpeth Bicycles and the super Jamis Bicycle display at the expo area.

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